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InFLAXus Games 2023!

Welcome to your big Sponsored Fundraising Event of the year!

On Wellbeing Wednesday 24th May, all the children in school can enjoy taking part in this whole school, fun filled afternoon of Inflatables, scramble nets, tyre hopping, zig zagging, jumping, gladiator duel, bombarding the teachers, ice lollies and medals!

If you do not wish for your child to take part in this event please email your class teacher. We will assume no email means consent IS given for participation. Below is all the relevant information for you to make an informed decision.



*SUNCREAM APPLIED BEFORE COMING INTO SCHOOL (they will be on the field for 2hrs)



Sponsorship forms must be handed to class teachers by Tues 23rd May so the staff know which names can go in the "hat" please for "Gladiator Duel" selection!

All cash to be handed to Mrs Keys by Friday 26th and all online payments completed by Sun 28th May please. (You should have received an email and paper copy of both forms and QR code for online payments on 5th May). Many thanks.

Rigorous risk assessments and well thought out safety measures have been drawn up and we hope to raise enough sponsorship contributions to fund Drama and Art equipment such as a "theatre" curtain backdrop in the hall, upgraded stage lighting, outdoor learning equipment and more if we can raise enough! We are aware we are in a crisis of living costs and so haven't set a target, but we hope the children can get excited and ask friends, family and the wider community for a few pennies so the costs are not continually landing on parents of the school.

Every penny counts, so please help your children to make those connections to ask. We are very grateful for all your support. 

What will my child be doing?

In their classes, the children will be staggered to run 2 laps of an "assualt course" to include 87ft of inflatable fun, crawl/scramble net, hurdles, zig zagging in and out of poles and tyre hopping. 

Once they have done this they head to "The Gladiator Duel" - an inflatable giant cushion with 2 podiums, helmets and Pugil sticks. Three children will be randomly selected (names from a bag) to represent their class and individually take on their teacher in a "duel til they fall."

We were originally going to let the children squirt water at the staff after the duel, but we've changed the plan and decided it will be much more fun instead, if ALL the class get to bombard the teacher with soft balls whilst duelling to help defeat the teacher and knock them off their perch! No shots above the shoulder please! 

Finally, the children head over to the medals station, collect their medal and ice lolly and head to the bark area for a Class Team photo before returning to the "central pen" to go and watch and support their friends in all the other classes!

All dietary requirements, photo permissions and additional needs will be catered for to ensure the children are included to the best of our ability and have as much fun as possible. If your child is unwell that day, they will, unfortunately miss out. 

Children who have chosen not to engage in acquiring sponsorship donations will not have their names put in the hat for the "gladiator duel" selection. If they want to have a chance of being selected, they have to be "in it, to win it!"

Children can be collected from school as usual at the normal time. We hope to share some pictures on the school website for you to see at some point after the event. Please find the link to the inflatable company we are using below.

Bring on the Inflatable challenge of The InFLAXus Games!