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How to help or get involved

To contact the FBSA team either get in touch with your class representative or email us at:

If you would like to help the FBSA Team in some way or another, there are plenty of avenues you can take depending on what your personal circumstances can facilitate....

  •  Join the team and become a class rep - Contact your current class rep for more information or email us at
  •  Help volunteer at FBSA events by marshalling, setting up stalls, manning a stall/bar, clearing down after the event to name a few things.
  • Help behind the scenes - those with tech skills are always welcome to help maintain our websites and social media channels or create flyers and posters to advertise events.
  • No free time but have some spare pennies? Feel free to throw your hard earned cash at us! Head to our "Fundraising and Donations" Tab for more info.
  • No time or spare pennies?...No problem, delegate to a willing grandparent, guardian, relative or family friend!!!

Failing all the above .... or in addition to (!), do you have any business contacts? Would you be able to secure any sponsorship or match funding? We currently are looking for sponsorship to fund a substantial upgrade to the Forest School area. We are also always on the hunt for raffle prizes and donations to help with our events. Our 2020 Pumpkin Trail event was sponsored by Asda who donated all the pumpkins for the trail and some sticker books for the children, so it doesn't always need to be financial!