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Class Wish Lists

You ask, we aim to deliver!! 

You say "jump," we say "how high?".....The sky's the limit, right?!!! No, no, no...there are no limits to school's needs and lots of you have asked if there is anything you can purchase to help with resources for school. 

We all know that schools are grossly underfunded and with increased needs and expectations to deliver, financial prioritisation is almost impossible and an enormous source of stress.

So in coalition with staff we have created a "Wishlist" of things which will benefit classrooms, learning, opportunities and resources for our little ones. 

We have created this new platform to help the school. Whilst there is no expectation for these lists to be honoured, we have a lot of teachers who will be very grateful for any support you can give with this. We appreciate Covid19 has hit everyone hard and that Christmas is an expensive time of year, but if you, your extended family or friends can help in any way please know the gratitude will be bountiful and our children the beneficiaries.

While we try to raise sponsorship for a formal "Wish List" platform, we have created an Amazon Wish List for some requests. Feel free to share costs or make group contributions to more expensive items too - a little from a lot goes a long way.

Amazon purchases will be automatically posted direct to school, but do please double-check the class name is in the address in case of any tech glitches.

Many thanks.