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Home Learning Week 6

Evie's beetle diagram!
Evie's branching database
Evie's Tree  of God
Ellis' Darkling Beetle
Ocean hunt!
Sam's beetle
Sam's poem
Freya's science
Amelia's beetle
Oscar's animal shaped Ancient Greek Honey Biscuits
Researching ancient Greek recipes!
Savoury porridge! Tasty?
Oscar's Magic Box Poem
Oscar's beetle diagram
Oscar's Olympic vase - guess the event!
Magic Box Poem
Fraser's ladybird diagram
Fraser's magic box poem
Fraser's ancient Greece research
Collecting dandelions to make jam!
Dandelion jam! See instructions @ Home Learning pa
Fun V.E. day celebrations
Beautiful daisy chains
Nina's poem
Nina's Greek research
Nina's beetle
Maya's beetle diagram
Amelie's poem and beetle diagram
Alana's beetle diagram
Alana's poem
Eleanor's beetle
Freya's beetle
Lola's poem
Lola's Greek research
Ace research!
Eleanor's maths
Fraser's art
Fraser's story Part 1
Fraser's story Part 2
Oscar's maths
Ellis' daisy
Ellis' story

Home Learning Week 5

School of Lockdown
Making Greek Honey Cake
Amazing javelin thrower!
Artist at work!
Back in time!
Nina's brilliant cartoon!
VE celebration cake!
Nina's gruesome Greek facts!
Fab bunting!
A beautiful V.E. day celebration
Fantastic rainbow cupcakes!
Evie's Ancient Greece research
Evie's Greek vase
Cute ducklings!
Lola's beautiful peacock
Lola's Greek vase
Nina's Greek vase
Oscar's research
Tom's cartoon art
Will's research
Fraser's Ancient Greece research
Greek Honey Cake Recipe
Evie's fab art
Sam's olympic research
Sam's vase
Sunny bike ride
Evie' Greek research
Evie's poem

Ancient Greek Olympics poses - Can you guess the events?

Home Learning Week 4

Alana's topic cover
Alana's nature survey
Fraser's nature survey
Fraser's topic cover
Josh's comic
Josh's nature survey
Will's nature survey
Lola's topic cover
Lola's Greek research
Nina's nature survey
Nina's topic cover
Oscar's Greek research
Tom's spelling
Will's topic cover
Zoe's hand-made wooden toy!
Freya's Greek research
Freya's cartoon sheep!
Oscar's cartoon owl
Sam's bird feeder diagram
Alana's fab cartoons!
Home Learning Week 3
Josh B's fantastic robin picture
Beautiful bird graph!
Making bird feeders
Eleanor's fantastic robin
Mollie's marvellous artwork!
Mollie's home built bird house!
Excellent House Martin artwork!
Bird seed cake
Evie's bird spotting graph
The lifecycle of a robin
Evie's excellent robin art!
Making a bird feeder
Yummy Easter nests!
Freya's bird spotting graph
Freya's fantastic robin!
Sam's robin
Sam's Rob Biddulph-esque illustration
Sam's Black hat story #1
Sam's Black hat story #2
Maya's Bird Feeder
Amelia's magpie
Amelia's Black Hat story
Ellis' carpentry
Ellis' graph
Ellis' Green Hat Story
Fraser's bird survey
Fraser's Black hat story
Fraser's robin
Indigo's bird life cycle
Alana's garden survey graph
Alana's robin
Alana's Black Hat story
Indigo's Cloudy Diary
Nina's beautiful bird
Oscar's Bird survey graph
Oscar's Black Hat story
Oscar's fab kestrel drawing
Maya's brilliant birds
Freya's fantastic minibeasts
Will's brilliant bar graph
Will's excellent Song Thrush
Evie's topic book cover
Evie's garden survey
Oscar's garden survey
Lola-Rose's blue tit lifecycle
Lola-Rose's story
Home Learning Week 2
Funky Facts
Scrummy choccie cake!!
Celia's skull
Amazing alligator
Will's diary
All About Time 1
Super skull
Spring walk
Rainbow Clock
Scrumptious sponge cake!
Fraser's fox skull
Yummy again!
Josh's time poster
A Cloudy lesson diary #1
Nina's Boa constrictor skull
Mega maths Dexter
Tom's alligator skull
A cloudy lesson diary #2
Baking Bread
Lego clock
Amelia's Beaver skull
A cloudy Lesson Diary #3
Lola's self portrait
A Cloudy diary
scrumptious sponge cake
Delightful doughnuts
Building a shed!!
Jammy tarts
Minibeast sanctuary
Egyptian PE!
A model garden
A super skull
Alana's cloudy diary

Home Learning Week 1

Beautiful flowers
Food web
Another Egyptian pharoah
Love the beard!
My Sandy Toes
dots and stripes
Our Teacher Likes Minecraft
Sardines in a Submarine!
A colourful Egyptian house
Jewellery fit for a pharoah!
My puppy punched me in the eye
Another Egyptian Royal!
Very regal!
The Woods
All these pharoahs!
Food Web again
Sam's broken thumb :0
Eyebrows are IN!
Egyptian Elegance!