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Tour of Flax for Sir Bobblysock

We took our friend 'Sir Bobblysock', who was sent to find out about Flax, on a tour. We went along Parson's Mead, down the path to Church Road and the Church. Then we visited Granny Margaret's farm, where she showed us her chickens, sheep, horses and cat, and then gave us a delicious biscuit. After that, we went back via the cycle path. We went past lots of children's houses and other important Flax places, so we tried to take as many photos as possible.

It was lots of fun, even though it was raining and a bit cold. Thank you very much to Granny Margaret for being so generous and showing us your farm. Also thank you to our parent helpers- we couldn't have done it without you!

Sir Bobblysock had a fantastic time and we helped him to write postcards about Flax to send to his friend Claude the Dog, who lives in Paris.

Next week we will be doing another tour of Flax and seeing some of the other sights!

Key Stage 1 Nativity Show

Well done to everyone who took part in our nativity show 'I'm gonna shine'. You were all fabulous!

Nativity Show

Nativity Show 1
Nativity Show 2
Nativity Show 3
Nativity Show 4
Nativity Show 5
Nativity Show 6
Nativity Show 7
Nativity Show 8
Nativity Show 9
Nativity Show 10
Nativity Show 11
Nativity Show 12
Nativity Show 13
Nativity Show 14
Nativity Show 15
Nativity Show 16
Nativity Show 17
Nativity Show 18
Nativity Show 19
Nativity Show 20
Nativity Show 21
Nativity Show 22
Nativity Show 23
Nativity Show 24
Nativity Show 25
Nativity Show 26
Nativity Show 27

Grandparents' Tea Party  11th October 2019

We had a wonderful time learning about how our lives have changed in the time since our grandparents were children. We even got the grandparents to do show and tell! Thank you so much for coming in and sharing your stories and objects, it was a wonderful experience for all.

Maths Resources

We've been focusing on how we can use all our fantastic maths resources to help us to be mathematicians. Here are some pictures of some of the independent learning we did....


Exploring maths manipulatives

Class Photos