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Online Safety

Online Safety - useful websites

Online Safety Advice from the Digital Leaders - 2019-2020

Our new digital leaders this year are: Ollie, Willem, Fraser, Chloe and Hugo.


During our first meeting we talked about TikTok, because we have heard that a lot of children in our school have been using it. Tik Tok is not for children. The age rating is 13+. There is often lots of bad language and unsuitable content. If you do, however, let your children use it, please make sure you set it up as a Private Account, set to Friends Only. 

Thank you. Ollie, Willem, Fraser, Chloe and Hugo.


Here is some more detailed information on the very useful 'Internet Matters' website, explaining TikTok to parents:  



Our advice at Flax is to please keep checking what your children are doing online. Regularly talk to them about how to stay safe and be kind when on the internet or using messaging apps such as WhatsApp. Think about setting a rule that your children do not use digital devices that connect to the internet when they are on their own (i.e. in their bedroom) and encourage open conversations so you are aware of their online activity.


For further advice on how to help your child stay safe online, the Childline website is very informative:




Check out the latest apps and games, with information about the things you need to know to help keep your child safe. 

Connections by Christian Foley: a rap for Safer Internet Day

Spoken word artist and teacher Christian Foley wrote and filmed this rap for Safer Internet Day.

As parents and carers you have an important influence over how your child uses technology.

Promoting open and honest conversation with your child will prepare them for making sensible decisions in the future.


The UK Safer Internet Centre have released this helpful clip for parents and carers.

Digital Parenting - Safer Internet Day film for parents and carers

This film accompanies the Safer Internet Day education pack for parents and carers. The film looks at what is important in digital parenting and signposts parents and carers to resources they might find useful.

For further resources, fun activities, support and information visit:




See below for alternative places to access support and guidance to help keep your child safe online:

SWGfL Safety and Security Guide

This guide contains all of the South West Grid for Learning safety and security policies in one document. The guide introduces our SWGfL Safe service and details the policies that we enforce to protect your school.



This website is brought to you by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre and contains loads of information on internet safety and safe surfing for young people. All hot topics about online safety are covered – including mobiles, blogging and gaming sites – and you can tell us if you feel uncomfortable or worried about someone you’re chatting to online.



Childline support for Cyberbullying


Childnet Cyberbullying resources



Safer Searching

KS2 safer search engine based on Google safe search


Instruction and video about Google safe search



Personal Information sharing – risks

Jigsaw film



General E-Safety Support

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre and Thinkuknow for parents

http://ceop.police.uk/ and https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/

Google short film clips, parental guidance on child use of internet and devices


Childnet (Know it All resources)


South West Grid for Learning