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Remember to complete the Maths in order. 



Break up the video: Listen to the video and stop occasionally and have a go at the maths sheet and then go back to it. It is better than sitting in front of the video for 20 minutes straight.


Get practical: We use lots of different manipulatives throughout our Maths learning, you can do this at home by finding objects or creating bar models etc to support your learning. 


Teach someone else: To check your understanding of your learning, teach an adult. Get your parents to be the pupil and see if they can learn from you. The best way to learn something is by sharing it. 


Have a break: If you are struggling on something, remember you can have a 'brain break' and go back to it. 


Revisit: It might be a good idea  to go back through previous learning if you have found it a challenge.


Online games: Use the list of resources on the school website to play some maths games to reinforce your learning


Remember... try your best, don't give up and have fun.