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Home Learning

Hello Elm Class!

Still image for this video
This week we asked Mr Shapcott to help us make a video message for you. Enjoy!

Hello Elm Class!!


Thank you for sending in photos of what you have been doing this week.  We have been really impressed by the fantastic home learning taking place.  Keep helping out your parents at home and show them how considerate and responsible you can be.   We are missing you all very much! 


Love From Mrs Northam and Mrs Shapcott smiley

 UPDATE  Feedback for Home Learning

We hope you are all well and have adjusted to learning from home.  We are missing the children!  To enable us to 'check in' with Elm Class, we are going to ask parents to send photos of selected work (indicated on the timetable*) to the class account every Wednesday when possible (our usual returning homework day).  Then, we can email back with some feedback either on Wednesday or Thursday.  We'd also like to put some examples of work on the photos section of the website.  Many thanks for your continued support as we get to grips with managing home learning!

* Please note:  From the week 1 timetable, we'd love to see food chain work, poems and  Egyptian headdresses!

Learning from Home Week Beginning 30-3-20

If you are unable to access a printer,  please write down any answers in your exercise book.

Learning from Home during School Shutdown - Week Beginning 23-3-20

The links below are to supplement the resource pack that will be sent home today (Friday). (Children who are not in school today will have the resource pack delivered as soon as we can) Please follow the instructions on the timetable. You may complete the activities in any order, but they are to last a week. If you would like some further activities for your child, please look under the 'Curriculum' section of the school website for links to further resources.


If your child is finding the activities in the Maths booklet from the home learning pack too challenging, please print off the booklet below and choose a couple of pages to complete each day this week.
If you have not yet received your home learning pack but want to get started, print off the maths booklet below and refer to the timetable above to check which activities to complete this week.

Spelling Activity 13.3.20 'sion'

Maths Home Learning 5-3-20 Fractions

Explore equivalent fractions using a fraction wall.


Spelling Activity 27.2.20

Home Learning 27-2-20


Maths: Please practise times tables.

Reading: Please hear your child read aloud at least 4 times this week.



Maths Home Learning 13-2-20 Choose Hop, Skip or Jump

Maths Home Learning 6-2-20 Race to One Hundred Game

Spelling Activity 6.2.20 Homophones and near homphones

Maths Home Learning 30-1-20 Multiplication

Please complete either the Skip or Jump sheet (just Page 1). If you are not confident with all your times tables, please also keep practising again this week. Choose one table to focus on. You should be able to quickly recall all the times tables, up to 12 x 12 , out of sequence, within 6 seconds, by May. 

Spelling activity 30.1.20- Possessive apostrophes with plural nouns

Spelling Activity 23.1.20- gu words

Maths Home Learning 23-1-20 Factor Pairs

Hop: If you are not confident at quickly recalling any of your times tables, please focus on learning them this week.

Skip: Factor Pairs worksheet. (See Below)

Jump: If you complete the Factor Pairs worksheet quickly and easily, then find the factor pairs for some other numbers of your choice. What do you notice? 

TTRockstars: If your current Studio Speed is more than 6 seconds, I would like you to spend at least 20 minutes a day on ttrockstars.

Spelling Activity 'ture' words 17.1.20

Maths Home Learning 16-1-20 Investigation

Maths Home Learning 9-1-20 (Multiplication and division)

Please check you are confident at quickly recalling all the times tables, in a random order. Particularly the 6x, 7x and 9x tables. Also the related division facts. Perhaps ask your parents to test you if you are on a car journey or while they are making you dinner! Also continue ttrockstars as often as possible (ideally 5-10 minutes daily!). 

Look Cover Write Check 9.1.20 ( Add words that follow the rule)

TERM 3 SPELLING OVERVIEW (Group 1 spellings from 16.1.20)

Christmas Home Learning!

Please continue to read aloud to your parents as much as possible.

Keep practising those times tables you don't know.

We would like you to try to answer the questions on ttrockstars within 6 seconds. Find out how you're doing with the SoundCheck! Each question gives you 6 seconds to answer. How many can you answer correctly?

Maths Home Learning 12-12-19

This week please practise the 6 x and 9 x tables, alongside daily ttrockstars.


Spelling Home Learning 6.12.19


Maths Home Learning 5-12-19 Multiply by 1 & 0, Divide by 1.

Please complete one page from the 'Multiply by 1 & 0' worksheet and one page from the 'Divide by 1' worksheet.

Maths Home Learning 28-11-19 Multiplying by 100

Multiplying by 100: Complete the first sheet, then for an extra challenge, complete the second and/or third sheet. Also keep practising your times tables on ttrockstars!

Maths Home Learning 21-11-19 Perimeter

Spelling Activity 14.11.19

Maths Home Learning 14-11-19 Times tables!

Please play ttrockstars daily. Try to increase your Studio Speed! 

Then challenge yourself to a Soundcheck. Can you get all 25 correct?


Maths Home Learning 7.11.19 Estimating: Choose your challenge!

Spelling Activity 7.11.19 Suffixes

Please play ttrockstars daily. Try increasing your Studio Speed!

Spelling Activity 24.10.19 ough

Maths Home Learning 17-10-19

Enjoy this Dicey Addition game:


Spelling activity- augh/ au 10.10.19

Maths Home Learning 10-10-19

Play this interactive game that explores what happens when you add or subtract negative numbers.

Record the number sentences in your home learning book. What do you notice?

Try to answer the questions that are underneath the game.



Spelling Activity- homophones 3.10.19

Maths Home Learning 3-10-19

Maths Home Learning 26-9-19: Choose Hop, Skip or Jump

Spelling Activity 26.9.19- Apostrophe for possession with proper nouns


Maths Home Learning 19-9-19

Spelling Home Learning