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Home Learning

Maths and spelling Home Learning due 10th July 


All children have been given a summer Maths booklet to complete. For Home Learning this week, can children complete page 2 and 3. They will then be given the booklet back to complete in their own time for the last couple of weeks of term. 

The booklet covers the children's learning through year 3. Some children may find it helpful to have a scrap piece of paper next to them for support with their workings out. 


Please support your child with their last set of spellings for next week. Encourage children to write a short story or poem using their spellings. 

Home Learning 


This week, please can all Beech Class learn the lines to their assembly song. All children should have a sheet with the words but it is attached below if not. 

Please continue to learn your spellings for the week, ready for Wednesday. 

Viking Song Lyrics

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Multiplication challenge for half term

Home Learning 


This week there will be no home learning. The children have had a busy week with lots of independent learning. We will learn our spellings in class. 

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Example for home learning 18th October.

Example of expanded column addition/subtraction. 



                1.          3 2 6 

                        +     5 2  


                                7 0

                            3  0 0

                            3  7  8


                2.             3 2 6

                         -       1  4


                                  1 0

                               3 0 0 

                               3  1 2


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