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I would really love for us to get together and sing again very soon, but at the moment, singing is something that we have to avoid doing together. In the meantime, I've got an idea...


You might have seen some virtual choirs or bands during lockdown, there are lots of examples on you tube like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tRLowGHh4c. I'd love for us to sing one of our songs like this, so I am hoping that you will get involved in this summer project!


I have recorded our favourite song, The Age of Technology and I'd like you to make a video of you singing along to it. It might sound funny because it will just be you singing on your own, but when we put all of the videos together with the piano, you will be a choir again so you won't be singing alone! If your parents or siblings want to make their own video too, we can add them to our choir- just make sure your parents give me permission to use it in their email.


Below are some things to help....


  • The words to the song, so you can practice it before you record it.
  • A video of me singing it with the actions, so you know what yours should look like.
  • A recording of the song that you will sing along to (with the song playing in headphones)




  1. First practice the song lots of times, so you can remember all of the words and actions without thinking.
  2. Find an adult who can help with the next bit.
  3. Set up a device to record a video of your performance (landscape is best)
  4. Have another device with headphones to play the song for you to sing along to (but make sure only you can hear the song, we don't want to hear the piano or me singing on your video.)
  5. Make a few recordings until you are happy with what you have done.
  6. Send it to classmaple@flaxbourton.n-somerset.sch.uk by Friday 4th September for me to put together with the other singers.


I hope you will be able to take part in our summer project. If you are feeling shy, I want you to remember how amazing you are- you can do it! (I feel a bit silly sending my video to you, but I know when they are all together they will sound great!)


Have a fun filled summer and happy singing!


Mrs Sheahan


Audio file

Listen to this in your headphones to sing along to in your video.

Video file

Still image for this video
Watch this to see the actions and see what yours should look like.
Welcome to Flax Sing Club members' page. This page has words and recordings of the songs we are learning. We will also have some performance videos when we get some!

Building practice track

Building backing track